Pioneers presents Learn with fun CD-ROMs from Class 1 to Class 5 for subject like Maths, English, Science, Evs, Gk.
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Why should kids have all the fun? In Pioneers Learn with Fun , you'll find products that will help you relax, become more efficient, explore your creative side, and so much more.

Begin your child's success and happiness at home.
You can develop your child's iq level much higher. Fortunately, school don't assess the quality of parental care at home. Advising your child to do well will not work. As a parent, it is your duty to understand the exact needs of the children without making them feel guilty. In today's growing competition in the schools, too many text books & tuitions add to your child's stress. Keeping your child interrestingly engaged can be a challenging job, if you do know how. Learn with Fun, with its colourful illustrations, 2D animated multimedia effects and a professional voiceover, helps your child.
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