Pioneers presents Learn with fun CD-ROMs from Class 1 to Class 5 for subject like Maths, English, Science, Evs, Gk.
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When it comes to giving life to ideas, expressing thoughts in action, and putting it all effectively on CD's, we at Pioneer's are always in the forefront. Established in 1997 we operate as one of the largest multimedia CD-ROMs / VCD segment in India.

For us, a Pop up books is something that offers a great deal of facsinations, through all its intricacies and its complications, which demand immense skill and perseverance. Thus when looked through a creative angle, its interesting and challenging nature brings forth countless innovative ideas to put into practise. Our specialisation in this respect covers a wide range of CD Rom's VCD's like Learn with fun, Akbar and Birbal, Panchatantra stories, etc. As we move into the future with such potential propects, Pioneers aims to make its mark in the field of Children's Books. We wish to make our presence felt in bot domestic as well as international market and assure to provide the best in learning through entertainment for the children of today.

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