Pioneers presents Learn with fun CD-ROMs from Class 1 to Class 5 for subject like Maths, English, Science, Evs, Gk.
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With a plethora of educational CD-ROMs catering to the kindergarden through the Vth Std, Pioneers School Solutions is all set to make learning a fun-filled activity.

In today's evolving world, learning has become a source of burden and stress on children. The mad rush to obtain marks and degrees has left the learner Superficially informed. Learning has become an isolated activity that does not encourage children to link knowledge with their lives in any significant way. In such a scenario, it is essential for learning to be fun and presented in such a format that it enables the learner to gain 'knowledge' that is retained through life.

Pioneers School Solutions is one such tool that aims to promote learning as a fun activity so that the children enjoy the learning process. The product is promoted by 'Pioneers', a name synonymous with the largest collection of CD-ROMs over 1000 titles to its credit. They also have the most comprehensive package of CD-ROMs which also includes mapping and session's plans for multimedia learning centres and schools. In lieu with this stamp of quality backing it, the Pioneers School Solutions is a product exclusively designed for children.

Catering to the educational needs of children from Kindergarten through Vth std, Pioneers School Solutions is a complete study package. Equipped with world renowned Software, which covers basic, subjects like Maths, English, EVS, GK and Science, the package also offers opportunities to promote creativity, thus enhancing the artistic craft making skills of children. The package has interactive games and puzzles, which is designed to help develop a child's strategic thinking and memory skills.

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