Pioneers presents Learn with fun CD-ROMs from Class 1 to Class 5 for subject like Maths, English, Science, Evs, Gk.
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  • Quality content compiled and periodically updated by Researchers and IT experts.
  • Made interresting with more than 10,000 illustrations, 2D imaagery and animated effects otherwise impossible on a blackboard.
  • Carefully designed and graded to suit the learning needs of chilren of different age groups and learning abilities.
  • A virtual Classroom specially made for Indian school children and to meet the objectives of indian school syllabi.
  • Highly Interactive and comprehensive with more 1000 voiced subject modules with simulated Practical lessons.
  • Built-in self evaluation modules for quick self - assessment and remedial measure.
  • Most cost-effective learning program of its kind availableanywhere in the world.
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