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Chhota Bheem Vol. 1
The story revolves around the mighty hero “Chhota Bheem” of Dholakpur, who is kind, strong and intelligent. Watch out for his adventures in this volume as he displays his heroic acts yet again by saving his friends from the ferocious lion Babban Sher, fights the Hercules, defeats the raging bull set by his rival Kalia and his side kicks Dholu and Bholu. As always Bheem battles all his enemies bravely and saves his friends and the entire village from destruction.
  • Where is Bheem
  • Babban Sher
  • Bheem V/S Hercules
  • Jadugar Raju
  • Flying Horse
  • Raging Bull
Chhota Bheem Vol. 2
Bheem and his frieends Raju, Chutki and Jaggu all have a great time in Dholakpur. In this volume, our hero fights a dangerous crocodile who is creating chaos in Dholakpur.Watch Bheem teach Kalia a lesson by playing his own trick against him. Also, Bheem joins Raju to find his father who is lost in the desert. Catch Bheem and his gang fighting it out!
  • GOLD The Curse of Bhrambhatt
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Mumbai Say Aaya Mera Mamma
  • Crocodile Krazzy
  • Daku Mangal Singh
Chhota Bheem Vol. 3
Catch all the girls having fun in this volume! Chutki is the kind girl who saves a beautiful butterfly and in turn gets granted a wish. Watch Bheem save a mermaid from Kalia who wants to make money out of her. Also watch Bheem save his little sister Shivani from the dacoits in her village. Daaku Mangal Singh kidnaps the Princess of Dholakpur, Indumati.
Little does he know that our hero Bheem is the strongest of them all. Watch Bheem sweat it out and save Dholakpur once again!
  • Sanki Shikari
  • Chutki`s Wish
  • Pirates of the Sea
  • The sea princess
  • Shivani ka Dhaba
  • Princess Kidnapped
Chhota Bheem Vol. 4
“Chhota Bheem” the mighty brave boy is back yet again with more fun filled adventures. In this volume, Bheem helps an old scientist who travels back in time by applying a wrong formula on his time machine. Enjoy the adventures as Bheem and his gang teach Kalia and his minions a lesson as Kalia finds the broom of the bad witch and starts troubling everyone. Also watch Bheem and gang fight sea monsters! Don't miss the action!
  • Magic Broom
  • Einstein Bheem
  • Talking Parrot
  • USO At Dholakpur
  • Laddoo Chor Kalia
Chhota Bheem Vol. 5
Chhota Bheem as an admirable cowboy and helps the neighbouring village from the dacoits who have caused terror there. Watch him befriend an Alien and help him go back into space. Also see Bheem fight the robbers when they try streal gold from the temple and much more!
  • The Magic Seed
  • The Genie Out of the Bottle
  • The Invisible Man
  • Temple Raiders
  • The Lost Alien
  • Cowboy Bheem
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