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Reader Rabbit
S P Soft

READER RABBIT Toddler- Age 1-3 

First step into a world of learn and discovery

Explore the word of Reader Rabbit. Your child will be captivated and delighted by this enchanting land of fun and learning activities!

  • Learn Letter
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Vocabulary and more

M.R.P. RS. 199/-


Reader Rabbit Preschool -Age 3-5

Introduce early learning concepts, one step at a time

Join RR and Sam the Lion on their sparkly adventure! The land of Sparkalot has lost its shine and needs your help to put the sparkle back into everything, from the stars to the flowers. You could save the day…and the night!


M.R.P. RS. 199/-


Reader Rabbit Preschool Variety Pack-3 CDs Pack

Thinking adventure/personalized Math/Personalized Reading

Trust your child precious early learning experience to the character who’s been charming children for nearly 20 years. Featuring three top titles in one, it covers the full spectrum of essential preschool skills. An exceptional learning value!
No dry lessons or boring exercises here! Trust RR to nurture the joy of learning with a huge variety of stimulating play scenes and exciting games. In this delightful trio of titles, kids play and explore in fun, familiar environments like a birthday party and an amusement park, and stretch their imagination in magical settings like the Reading Kingdom. Along the way, they’ll build critical preschool skills in phonics, match, problem solving and more.


M.R.P. RS. 249/-


Reader Rabbit Kindergarten - Ages 4-6

Builds Kindergarten skills, one step at a time

Help RR and Sam the Lion rescue their fabulous Dreamship from BallonTown, where everything
is soft and bouncy! Your child’s imagination will Soar up, up, and away!

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Thinking
  • Creativity and more

M.R.P. RS. 199/-


Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Variety Pack-3 Cds Pack

Learning Creation/Personalized Math/I can Read! with Phonics

From Wordville Station to the carnival to the art studio and beyond, every RR play scene makes a perfect spot for learning. Featuring three award-winning titles at one great price, this diverse collection covers the full spectrum of essential kindergarten skills. An unbeatable educational value!
When it comes to early learning, RR’s got the formula for success! Combining exciting environments with lively games and puzzles, friendly characters and motivating prizes, RR’s award-winning software brings out the natural love of learning in every child. Explore reading fundamentals, early math, creative self-expression and more in this dynamic trio titles.


M.R.P. RS. 279/-


Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics: Preschool & Kindergarten-Age 3-6

First step towards building a life-long love of reading

Join RR on a joyful journey to build reading confidence and success! Develop essential reading skills while exploring 26 Letter Lands filled with fun phonics activities and engaging story-books.

  • Practice Phonics & Decoding
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Sentences
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Reading stories and more
M.R.P. RS.199/-
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