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The Complete Linux Resource

(Age Group 18+ Years)

The Complete Linux Resource CD gives you over 600 MB of hard to get drivers, Applications, Tools, Tutorials, Online books and much more all in one convenient place. The Linux Resource CD reduces the drudgery of hours of search, broken links and the problems you face with downloading.

  • Browser based intuitive interface
  • Applications and Tools
  • Linux History
  • How-To's
  • Drivers
  • Tutorials and CBTs
  • Online Books
  • Games
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Links
  • FAQs
  • References
  • Conveniently Categorized

It relieves user from the labor of search the internet to get the right resource.
M.R.P. Rs. 249/- (Inclusive of all taxes)


CBSE-Class X Science Quiz

(Age Group 14 to 16 Years)

The Complete Linux Tutor, this CD starts with basic concepts, and introduces the popular applications that work with it, leads you through Linux Administration and Programming. The Complete Linux Tutor's innovative approach to this important subject makes it easy to understand, and fun as well.

  • Multimedia Enriched Quiz Game
  • Knowledge & Fun
  • Entire Syllabus Covered
  • Time bound Tests

M.R.P. Rs. 249/- (Inclusive of all taxes)


The General Knowledge Explorer

(Age Group 18 + Years)

The General Knowledge Explorer CD is an innovative approach to general knowledge makes it easy to understand. Let your children explore and discover knowledge at every move they make. Let them climb the ladder of success or be downed by the snakes. It's fun and knowledge all the way.

  • Mythology and Religion
  • Business
  • History
  • Animals
  • Geography
  • Planet & Nature
  • Science & Technology
  • Military
  • Civics
  • World Bodies
  • Entertainment
  • People & Awards
  • Fine Arts
  • Sports
  • Literature
  • Medical Science


M.R.P. Rs. 249/- (Inclusive of all taxes)


The Ultimate Healthcare

(Age Group 18+ Years)

The Ultimate HealthCare CD has all you want to know about. How to prevent allergies. How to prevent heart attack. How to manage chronic pain. What are the illnesses and conditions associated with old age and how to manage them . What is a good diet plan. What exercise regimen suits you. Have you immunized your child against and more...

  • Child Care
  • Nutrition
  • Young Age Care
  • Fitness
  • Middle Age Care
  • Diseases & Conditions
  • Old Age Care
  • Inner Health & Outer Health

M.R.P. Rs. 249/- (Inclusive of all taxes)


The Complete Aids Awareness

(Age Group 18+ Years)

The Complete Aids Awareness CD is the answer to all your questions. What is the difference between AIDS and HIV. Can donating blood put you at risk of HIV infection. Can I get infected with AIDS in a barber shop. Can I share a toilet with someone who has AIDS. Can I get HIV from a mosquito bite. Am I at risk of becoming infected with HIV when visiting a doctor.

  • About AIDS
  • Causes & Prevention
  • Symptoms
  • Tests
  • Treatment
  • Support
  • Statistics

It is indeed multimedia way to address the much-stigmatized social issue.
M.R.P. Rs. 249/- (Inclusive of all taxes)


Career in Fashion Designing

(Age Group 18+ Years)

Career in Fashion Designing CD is to pursue a career in fashion designing. So, do you have a plan to put it on track. Fashion Designers give new shapes to garments, footwear, jewellery luggage and much more, to make strong personality statements. Other closely associated careers related to fashion industry and more.
Career in Fashion Designing CD is a great starting point and a must for those who wish to pursue a career in Fashion Design or already have a career in it.


M.R.P. Rs. 249/- (Inclusive of all taxes)

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